Will the Right Overplay Their Hand?

There is no question that the Right has been financed by a select and small group of donors for close to forty years now; significant business players like Bob Perry and the Koch Brothers who more than likely don’t have a political bone in their bodies, but look at the their investment in politics as smart business.

Fellow Dirty Hippie Dave Johnson and I traced these efforts all the way back to the tobacco industry’s ability to prevent significant regulation for decades by creating science, or creating a ‘manufactroversy’ ie the act of creating a controversy where none exists.

What the Right may be underestimating with the advent of technology and access to information is that the light is shining more and more on the few funders that are bankrolling the revolution. I wonder if, perhaps, this change in access to information will prove to be detrimental to their efforts, time will tell I suppose.

In the meantime, check this out. A blogger posing as David Koch called Governor Walker in Wisconsin. Let’s just say he got right through.