With All Eyes on the States, GOP Quietly Pushes Ridiculous Anti-Labor Bill Through Congress

So we have corporations holding shareholder “votes” that are rigged to come out on management’s side every time, and now they’re pushing a law that would rig transportation workers’ union elections to come out on management’s side every time and they’re screaming bloody murder about how card-check infringes on our sacred right to have a secret ballot.

In my book, I cite a poll conducted in 2005 which found that 53 percent of all American wage-earners would like to belong to a labor union. The union density that year was around 12 percent. That’s a result of systemic union-busting.

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  1. TravisBaskerfield:

    WOuldn’t it be a hoot, after the next round of federal elections with a very low turn-out, if a movement took off and used the same argument that the non-votes be regarded as active votes AGAINST the candidates involved?

  2. Matt:

    You know, I spent about a year as part of a union and all they did was take money out of my paycheck. When I was fired for wearing shoes made from the wrong fabric, I complained to my Union and they did nothing.

    $2 out of $7 an hour, for a year, and I got nothing when I was obviously singled out.

    They definitely didn’t give ME any bargaining rights in whether or not I wanted to give 2 bucks an hour to them, or even if I wanted to be in the Union at all. Or even in keeping my job long enough to run home and change shoes.

  3. HarHAr:

    Matt, If you are making less than the minimum wage you definately need to find another job pal. It sounds like you were being scammed. My brother works for UPS and their union is very strong. He pays something like 80$ per month in union fees and they negotiated full healthcare premiums, pensions and at minimum 60 grand a year. You got ripped off pal, and not by a union.