A simple country boy’s solution to the budget “crisis”

From where I sit, it just doesn’t seem right to go after the little guy first just so we can make sure that Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton and the Koch brothers can have a tax cut.

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  1. Mike Leffew:

    Tax the rich and cut defense. Dang, you should run for president. Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?

  2. Sam Smith:

    Good question. I’m no historian, but I’m unaware of anytime recently when the US increased taxes on its wealthy citizens and cut the military budget. Perhaps you can point me to when that has happened?

  3. NetGuru:

    Tax the poor! Seriously, tax the poor. After all, they use the majority of all services, and they get these services free to them. Someone has to pay, so make them pay for some of the services.

  4. beanbagfrog:

    That’s what the lottery’s for.

  5. ChrisJ.:

    Netguru, you’re misinformed. The poor do not “use the majority of all services.” The rich benefit far more from such services. Even Greg Mankiw, an economist hardly known for being liberal, has acknowledged this in print more than once.

    Consider just a couple of examples:

    Who benefits more from police protection against theft and vandalism? Those who have more property to protect, obviously.

    Who benefits more from access to the legal system? Those who use it are almost entirely well-to-do people who can afford lawyers.

    Who benefits more from the whole elaborate structure of government entities set up to promote trade and development? Those who own or invest in companies that rely on that organizational infrastructure.

    And that’s not even dragging in “corporate welfare,” which far and away dwarfs actual financial benefits to the poor…

  6. Aaron Krager:

    Yeah because they really have the money to pay for said services when they need said services. You logic is impeccable.

  7. Sam:

    WTF is a F-22 Osprey, read the damn articles you link, you sound like a moron.

  8. Jeremy Dean Crow:

    I am an econ major and all but one of your ideas are good. The problem I have is with eliminating the Bush Tax cuts, In most economic formulas you see little if any actual returns from an increase on taxes for the most wealthy while you do see a decrease in efficiency and as such, a lose of economic growth.

  9. Joe:

    A DAMN expensive fighter jet. You know, like the ones we are using now are not the most advanced in the world.