Absolute MUST-WATCH For All Progressives!!!

Here is the video of last night’s launch of Rebuild the Dream campaign, with Van Jones. (If you want to skip the music parts, start at 9:15.)

Watch Van Jones spell out “the three big lies” of the conservative narrative:

1) America is broke.

2) Asking the super rich to pay taxes hurts the economy.

3) Hating America’s government and wrecking America’s infrastructure is patriotic.

(If it isn’t showing up, go here)

Watch live streaming video from rebuildthedream at livestream.com

Alternet has a great write-up of the event and its meaning, in Van Jones Kicks off American Dream Movement with Energetic Rally and Speech at NYC’s Town Hall

And then you can watch this:

3 comments on this post.
  1. Dameocrat:

    he says the right things, but he was an obama apologist. dont you worry this will be used for dem gotv and its issues will be ignored like the antiwar movement was? Why wasnt this movement created two years ago?

  2. Dameocrat:

    just sayin!

  3. Dave Johnson:

    I suggest going to the site, watching some of it to see what he says, before discounting it.