Hagan Holding The Football

Nor are chief executive officers doing much in the way of using excess cash to build plants or buy new technologies. The same goes for innovating products or expanding into fresh territory. Given the employment numbers, it’s safe to conclude that they aren’t using the cash to add workers.

Which simply means it’s time for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to tee up another “job-creating” tax cut for robber baron corporations.

Robber barons is too polite a term. Tax dodgers shouldn’t be treated as royalty.

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  1. Michele:

    Hmmm… The GOP is calling attention NOW to this House GOP bill that was introduced in May? Are we getting set up for another showdown? This Bush style tax cut vs. Obama’s tax credit program for hiring returning veterans that Obama unveiled on Friday, 8/5. Will the GOP balk on Obama’s program unless he agrees to support their legislaton? Obama takes the short end of the stick yet again AND doesn’t expose the House GOP legislation for the corporate welfare it is.