Republican logic on Obamacare defies belief

I haven’t been known, Mister Anderson, to have the highest opinion of the logical reason capability of humans in general. But sometimes, Republicans have a way of dashing even my lowest expectations. I submit as evidence this story from Kaiser Health News:

EAGLE, Idaho — On Election Night, Bill McCarrel Jr. watched teary-eyed residents crowd into his historic bar, The Gathering Place, after President Barack Obama won a second term. His customers worried aloud about losing access to their guns and having to accept the federal health law that many revile as socialized medicine.

Like most people in this fiercely Republican state, McCarrel opposes Obamacare — even though he’s uninsured and can’t find affordable coverage as a result of his artificial hip and knees. But the former junior high principal is looking forward to shopping on the Obamacare online insurance exchange starting in October to see if he can get a plan he could afford.

I could simply offer this without comment, but that would deprive you of the revelation I had as I was reading this piece. Here we have a conservative man who mistrusts the government and presumably, like many of his fellow Western conservatives, preaches a naive gospel of freedom and free markets. And yet, because of the free markets he idolizes, he is unable to afford private health insurance because of his preexisting conditions. He despises the Affordable Care Act, and voted for a presidential candidate who promised to repeal it. And yet, because of that same law, he will be able to afford subsidized health insurance from which he cannot be rejected, precisely because the federal government has seen fit to regulate private industry precisely for the benefit of individuals like him–and he is eager to shop for insurance on this regulated exchange that he did not even want to see created in the first place.

I have spent some time now trying to understand the nature of the human species. I still cannot understand how two fundamentally irreconcilable ideas can inhabit the same brain without being forced into conflict by the merest exercise of thought.

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  1. Grung_e_Gene:

    The greatest coup pulled off by Reactionary Conservatives was to get Millions of Americans to consistently vote against their own self-interest. The Republicans and their Plutocratic Masters have succeeded in having right-wingers fasten the chains of wage slavery upon themselves. And the duped righties have done so with gusto.

  2. EdT333:

    I completely agree with you. Obamacare makes sense on so many levels and there are parts already in place that people would freak over, if they got retracted. So many people have been pulled in by this toxic fox-news-driven exploitation it’s unbelievable. Half of me wants to get sick, while the other half of me wants to kind of wait out this GOP toxicity to see if it can have long term good effects for the democrats.

  3. Anybody:

    Often the unknown represents unlimited unknown potential.

    Healthcare by its integration into every aspect of society is relatively on par with a government run religion. Passing judgement on every activity, consumable, psychology, and even starting to predict things. Run by elite educated white robed humans who are experts at ‘face’ but equal to the same humans who existed 1000 years ago.
    The deliverance of ‘healthcare’ onto the human race is clearly the hijacking of the best intentions of humans turned into a trait culling and life extortion industry.

    you call your self a dirty hippie…

    The unknown is unknown often because the only appeal is the mystery, or because it’s a no-return situation.

  4. Hippy in the Hills:

    “Anybody”, you make absolutely no sense in your reply to this post. Blather!

  5. anybody:

    Before you went to a healthcare facility for help healing.

    If you want to save time and not read the rest, I will sum it up in a short sentence. “Healthcare *community* has gone from healing and curing as a primary goal to EVERY ailment, and started to institute an economic, social, and industrial campaign focused on prevention of unhealthy (undesirable) behaviors through local, state, and federal regulation.”

    Initially, gently, kindly suggesting nice things, like, “something” is bad for your future well being” and now has developed an arrogance like “well, I am so awesome in this skin, if I were in that other person’s skin, with my awesomeness I would totally master whatever life they are currently not living as awesomely as I am awesome at this living in this skin so I must be able to be them and make their decisions in a way that is awesome by definition of how awesome I am.”

    So your confusion is a side effect of being a peon to one of these awesome cyclones of human righteousness and biding into the ideology of changing human behavior through legislation, regulation, and social ridicule.

    Is their an official ‘World View’ of ‘Healthcare’ as provided by the Federal or State Government? Yes, it has been established in financing provided by Federal and State funds cannot go to secratarian organizations. Because of this, many healthcare providers (hospitals) are renouncing their partnerships and or associations with secratarian organizations. By this your mind would be appeased that ‘healthcare’ is non secular type of service? or industry? or product provider?

    Taking first suggestions, then advice, and now the whip from the pseudo ‘life, peace, health, and happiness’ leaders is just an ironic analogy of a pseudo privately enlightened/owned, government enforced ‘way to live, consume, choose, and die’.

    Are you still confused?, this has less to do with pick-pocketing the wealthy to buy drugs and surgery, and more to do with personal freedom, liberty, and the shear amount of choice reductions.

    Charitable people provide the best healthcare.
    What we are going to have is more healthy ‘awesome’ fat cats.

  6. anybody:

    I cannot fathom an psycological condition where a person can just accept a 1,000+ page 8.5×11 8font single space flesh binding contract, never read it, then commit generations of others to its contents that is left to be put into context at a later time.

    Too much vaccine use in the voting public + internet Terms of Service conditioning + underage leadership = Poor choices in long term decision making regarding future personal safety.

  7. anybodyagain:

    It has been 3 months, and no response from these ‘dirty hippies’ who are totally false in disposition.

    Maybe they cannot afford internet access anymore because they have to fork out a new car payment every month, and guess what, NO NEW CAR FOR YOU!, just the bill for your healthcare insurance aka TAX to live under their awesomeness.

    How about all them round’abouts…

  8. anybodyagain:

    “blather” is a european word not common in use in the USA, maybe you should edit your remark, your socialist stripe is showing.

  9. Texanna33:


    You have not received a response in six months because most people just don’t want to engage a “blathering” pseudo psychologist, political scientist, sociologist, intellectual?

    Who knows how you see yourself, or where your half coherent point of view originated.

    Also, because someone uses a very American word YOU don’t commonly use, doesn’t mean they are a socialist.

    You seem to fancy yourself as smarter than the average “dirty hippie”, I’m surprised you couldn’t come up with something more original than the old, tired you don’t think like me so you must be a “socialist”.

    When all legitimate arguments fail, yell socialism…boring!

  10. anybodywhy:

    I appreciate your comment Texanna.

    Socialism is an ‘ism’ world that demonstrates the entitlement disposition of a juvenile society that cannot work to produce its own wealth, so an infrastructure of regulation, legislation, and distribution of Food, Energy, and resources is established by a singular ideology. The intent is to care for one and another. However if people actually cared for one and another without bias, such regulation and legislation would be a non-issue.

    I have to characterize your response as “autoimmune” based on an imagined disposition one might project into an antagonist that they have never spent any time with. Yet are compelled to engage with accuracy.

    America is not a socialist nation. Implementing socialist ideologies into regulation and economic policies will not end well for the ability to create wealth for those who do not already posses wealth. The ideology is almost 80 years too late. When America was expanding with the industrial revolution saddling/sandbagging this nation with socialist ideology and policies could have had the effort, money, resources, and liberty within to grow strong and carry the unproductive society we have been born into.

    Jus sayin’ know your roots, and go grow where you are strong…