Working at a Big 8 Peace Firm, a Look Back

If the war activists had been successful, how would they feel about what they did? How could people look at them, knowing they cheerlead and promoted death for so many? Historically were the people who promoted war for Pol Pot, Stalin or Colonel Green feted?  Would people invite them on their TV shows and treat them like rational beings and not the PR men for monsters?  Thank god nobody took them seriously. Can you imagine? what kind of world that would be?

I don’t think we would be out in the galaxy among the stars today if we hadn’t figured out how to stop the mental illness and errors in thinking that lead to the wars of the past. I’m just glad that the people who promote war  aren’t rich and happy but are shunned by people. I’m so happy companies that make money by selling things to people understand dead customers are bad for business. And companies that make weapons are bad for humans.

Photo by Trey Ratcliff under creative commons license

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  1. anybodywhy:

    Nevermind my previous suggestion about removing the hands of your people, i see now after reading more of your stuff, that you need slaves.

    Britian and Africa… nuff said.

    America, remember, is where the most hated despised average person went to for refuge from whatever society was absolutly fkn up their life. The broken and poor, the most unwanted usually. They grew strong, and established a nation of peace through being the most they can be of themselves.

    Now the world that hated them, wants to fk their children and grandchildren, and basically destroy the OG planetary badass. Think about it. Trespassing is observed.


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